Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Electric Water Heaters


"Solar PV panels and Sun Bandit® micro-grid technology operate independent of the grid to provide primary heating with electric, natural gas or propane serving as backup allowing it to work off-grid and during power outages."

     Hot Water, Off Grid and On Demand
     Sun Bandit hybrid hot water heaters are essentially a self-sufficient high efficiency electric hot water heater. They are equipped with a solar PV micro-grid capable of generating all of the electricity necessary for hot water production. While the hot water heater is designed to operate almost entirely off of solar (no grid connection or net metering required) it is typically paired with a grid connected electric or fossil fuel backup to ensure that all your hot water needs are satisfied rain or shine. On sunny days, water in the heavily insulated tank is quickly heated to 160 degrees Farenheit. When the showerhead or faucet comes on, outgoing high temperature water is mixed with cold water to achieve a more desireable temperature for consumption. Typical heat losses are a mere 0.25 degrees per hour overnight. This allows the Sun Bandit to effectively store solar energy generated during sunny periods for use during the night and on cloudy days.

Sun Bandit vs. Solar Thermal
Rather than convert solar radiation into electricity to power a heating element, a solar thermal system utilizes solar radiation directly. Sunlight passes through the glass of a solar collector and is stored in an absorber plate; the heat in this plate is then transfered directly to a fluid, typically anti-freeze or water. This heated fluid is then pumped through pipes in your hot water storage tank known as a "heat exchanger" thereby bringing your hot water to a temperature suitable for consumption. Naturally this system requires a considerable amount of plumbing. By contrast, a Sun Bandit hot water heater only needs to be wired to the micro-grid. This means considerably fewer moving parts and consequently lower maintenance costs.


The Facts

No net metering or grid connection required
Ideal for on grid and off grid locations
Easy installation, operation and maintenance
Used as a stand alone or pre-heat system
Uses electric, natural gas, or propance backup
Elligible for 30% federal tax credit
Qualified for LEED points
ICC SRCC certified
Energy Star rated
C/UL/US listed

Made in the U.S.A

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