Stiebel Eltron Tempra® Tankless Water Heaters

Why Go Tankless?

The typical operating cycle of a water heater with a storage tank involves heating water to a certain threshold and storing this water until you turn on your shower head or faucet. Unfortunately, even a well insulated storage tank will experience "standby losses" a small but not insignificant loss of heat to the surrounding air. Because a tankless water heater simply heats up water as it is called for and transports it to you immediately, a tankless water heater can provide hot water with virtually zero energy wasted. A Steibel Eltron Tempra® can be up to 15-20% more efficient compared to an average storage tank water heater. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages over a storage tank water heater is simply a matter of comfort and convenience. Almost all of us at some point have experienced running out of hot water during the morning rush. With a tankless hot water heater, everyone in your home is guaranteed a hot shower all the way through.

What Sets the Tempra® Apart?

Tempra® water heaters are equipped with smart microprocessor technology that guarantees the water delivered to you is at your desired set temperature every time. Unlike the average water heater, the electronic temperature control system maintains a steady output temeperature regardless of varying flow rates.

Incoroporating intelligent control systems serves to maxmize your comfort AND energy efficiency. The Tempra® is capable of self modulating it's energy consumption, ensuring your water heating loads are met with minimal energy consumption. Tempra
® Plus models are also capable of advanced flow control. If a hot water load exceeds the output of the system, rather than delivering the same volume of water at a colder temperature, the system will instead provide slightly less water at the target temperature. No other tankless hot water system is capable of anything like this. The absolute guarantee of hot water when you want it, at the temeprature you want it, puts the Tempra® head and shoulders above the rest.

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