Solstice Extreme® Air to Water Heat Pumps

The Radiant Store carries SpacePak's Solstice line of air-to-water heat pumps for home/commercial installation and wholesale. These nationally recognized reverse-cycle heat pumps use Hydronics as the primary source for both heating and cooling demands. In any season, SpacePak's technology provides comfort for your home or business.


 Heat Pump Models

Solstice Extreme

SpacePak’s low ambient heat pump provides primary heating and cooling even in severe weather climates. Its environmentally friendly design uses EVI technology and the clean efficient characteristics of hydronics as its primary energy source to deliver perfectly conditioned air to any occupied space.

Standard Features
  • Enhanced Vapor Injection
  • 66,480 BTU/h at 47°F Ambient
  • 3.3 Ton of Cooling at 95°F Ambient
  • Simple Piping & Pumping
  • Installation & Service Friendly
  • Easily Zoned
  • Proven Integrated Control
  • Outdoor Reset
  • Green Hydronic Energy – No Refrigerant in Occupied Space
  • Low Ambient Freeze Protection

Solstice SE

Intelligent factory configured control platform, with state- of-the-art self diagnostic microprocessor allow staging of compressors for seamless operation. Amp draw starts low and stays low with no spike at start-up and use a smaller breaker than other heat pump units for even more efficiency benefits.

Standard Features
  • Dual Refrigerant Circuits
  • Simple Piping & Pumping
  • Installation & Service Friendly
  • Easily Zoned
  • Self Diagnostic Control – Configurable
  • Low Amp Requirements
  • Quiet Operation
  • Green Hydronic Energy - No Refrigerant in Occupied Space
  • Low Ambient Freeze Protection
  • Sophisticated.... but Simple Control Platform


Green by Nature

An ultra safe and environmentally friendly design keeps all refrigerant sealed in its powder coated galvanized steel cabinet and outside the occupied space. Heat pump high efficiency compressors operate on R-410A but use only a fraction of the refrigerant needed by other systems, while providing superior performance and high COP and EER. Solstice heat pumps run quieter than traditional systems with their dual fan, horizontal discharge configuration and soft start activation.

High Efficiency

Solstice heat pumps utilize a condenser coil that is 30% larger than standard units and operate with a COP of up to 4. Designed for heating in colder climates, SpacePak Solstice produce up to 67,000 BTU/h, and can effectively heat in ambient temperatures as low as 0°F.

Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI)

The award winning EVI technology and high efficiency condenser used in SpacePak low ambient heat pumps, provides improved efficiency, reliability and heating capacities. EVI increases heating capacity by over 30%, making it the perfect compressor for severe ambient conditions (0°F) in cold climates, while maintaining the ability to cool during the summer months.

Perfect Match

SpacePak’s Solstice allows custom control not obtainable by most traditional refrigerant-based systems. Heat pumps use hydronics (water) to provide unparalleled load matching by utilizing adjustable water flow, water temperature, and airflow settings.

Flexible Solutions

  • Heat pumps can be used in many types of applications from small homes with multiple thermostat driven zones, to large homes and light commercial applications.
  • Perfect for zoning, these units can operate in a loop that can provide conditioned air to several individual zones utilizing single or multiple air handlers, allowing total comfort control to the occupied space.
  • Whether radiant heating & cooling, domestic hot water, dehumidification, process cooling, or even conventional with multiple air handlers SpacePak Solstice heat pumps offer application flexibility requiring less equipment outside.
  • Units can be easily installed at ground level, on rooftops or even in remote locations when necessary.

Solstice heat pumps work similar to conventional heat pumps by circulating refrigerant, which vaporizes at a low temperature in its enclosed evaporator, producing additional energy in the process. Further concentration of the conditioned warm vapor occurs in SpacePak’s dual programmable compressor raising it to a temperature where it can be circulated through one of the many SpacePak hydronic air handlers for distribution to the occupied space. For more info, feel free to consult the Solstice brochure.

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