Solar Assisted Heat Pumps


The Radiant Store is excited to announce a partnership with SAHP, a U.K. based manufacturer of Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pumps.  SAHP is an accredited and award-winning company that has been on the cutting edge of heating and cooling technologies since 2012. 

SAHP were the first company on the market with a viable production model, able to be retro-fitted to any existing cylinder and provide water heating to 131°F. This is a great achievement and shows the strength of our ongoing research and development programs. SAHP continues to be an industry leading company within our ever improving range of water heating and central heating management products.

Our new catalogue of products meet both commercial and residental demand. These solar-assisted heat pumps are driven by advanced technology which reduces CO2 emissions and operating costs. MBI's intuitive design allows for flexible installation of stand alone systems or  seamless integration into existing systems.  We now offer wholesale and installation of solar-assisted heat pumps. 

What is a Solar Assisted Thermodynamic Heat Pump?

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is best described as ‘A Fridge in Reverse’. A household refrigerator uses an exposed panel to keep its contents cold. The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box utilizes the same principle to achieve the opposite effect.

In this system, refrigerant liquid circulating through an exterior aluminium collector (panel) absorbs heat rather than rejecting heat. The aluminum collector (panel) utilizes the ambient air temperature (day and night in all weather conditions) to change the refrigerant liquid from a liquid to a gas. The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box captures the energy created when the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas. Refrigerant gas is then compressed and passed through a heat exchanger to a heating coil within the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box. The coil wraps around the internal water storage tank heating the water to 131°F.

How does it work?

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box utilizes the Globus™ Thermodynamic Panel to deliver energy absorption with exceptional efficiency. The Globus™ Thermodynamic collector is constructed from corrosion-resistant, double-inflated aluminum making it slim, lightweight, and weather-proof. The panel is precision-engineered to maximize energy absorption in upright or landscape orientation. Cutting-edge technology allows the thermodynamic panel to vaporize circulating refrigerant, day or night and in all weather conditions.

Thermodynamic panels are engineered to harness energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike solar panels, thermodynamic panels do not require direct sunlight to harvest energy. Instead, the thermodynamic panels capture energy from the surrounding air and transfer it into circulating refrigerant liquid. Therefore, the panels function within a thermodynamic heating system that is best described as “a fridge in reverse.”

The heating cycle initiates when refrigerant liquid starting at 8*F is pumped into the panel. This remarkably low temperature allows the panel to transfer ambient energy to the refrigerant, at any hour of the day- even in freezing conditions.

As the refrigerant liquid passes through the panel, the ambient energy raises the temperature of the liquid. Once the liquid is heated to 5*F is vaporizes and becomes a gas. The refrigerant gas is then pulled into the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box and compressed to create heat. This heat energy is directed into the heating coil wrapped around the water storage tank within the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box.

Once this heat energy is used within your thermodynamic heating system, the temperature of the refrigerant liquid returns to -8*F and the heating cycle starts again.


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