Sanden® CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters



Sanden, a world leader in  heating and cooling technology, has developed the SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) for the American marketplace.


Carbon Dioxide, Put to Good Use 

The SANCO2  is a HPWH that uses pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) as a rerfrigerant. This unique system provides hyper-efficient energy transfer while offsetting global warming. Sanden spent the last 8 years developing the 
SANCO2 to meet the diverse needs of the American consumer. Extensive laboratory and field testing ensures the SANCO2 will excel from Agusta, Maine to El Paso, Texas. This system will deliver hot water in excess of 155*F at ambient temperatures below -20*F, without any backup heating element. 

Why Choose SANCO2

Energy Efficiency 

  • SANCOis four times more efficient than traditional electric water heaters. Using less energy to heat more water, faster than competitors.
  • On its own the SANCO2 is more efficient than Heat Pump Water Heaters integrated into traditional systems. 

High Performance 

    • Greater First Hour Rating than all Heat Pump Water Heaters83 Gallon tank (FHR 115 gal) & 43 Gallon tank (FHR 71 gal) 
    • With a temperature set-point from 130*-175*F the SANCO2 delivers hotter water out-of-the-box than any other residential electric water heater.
    • Faster recovery after hot water draw, averaging 18 Gallons Per Hour delivery. 

Extended Operating Range

  • The SANCO2 outclasses all other Hot Water Heat Pumps, producing water in excess of 165*F at ambient temperatures below -20°F. 
  • Unmatched reliability eliminates need for back up electric element in the system.

Flexible Installation 

  • Heat Pump is installed outside, blending into the background with whisper-quiet operation.  
  • The system's storage tank can be installed anywhere suitable for traditional hot water storage. 

High Quality with Low Maintenance 

  • No need to replace anode rods found in other electric water heating systems. 
  • No need to clean or replace air filters.  


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