Sunbandit Net Zero House

Project Objective: Design and build a heating system with zero net CO2 emissions using Sunbandit's water heating system.

PV-Solar Electric

   This net zero home uses an innovative approach to heating the home. Instead of fossil fuels, the super insulated home is heated by 24v solar PV panels that heat the water distributed to the radiant flooring. In addition to the off-grid panels, The Radiant Store integrated panels that are grid tied as part of the same array and serve as a back-up to provide electricity to the heating buffer tank that is grid tied—and it was done seamlessly.

   This project used the Sunbandit water heating system and simply turned it into a closed loop boiler. The domestic potable water is heated by sending the solar derived heated water to an indirect water heater zone. The system has performed trouble free and utility bill free since its commissioning in 2015.

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