Minimalist Modern Radiant House

This project highlights integrating the mechanical systems of this house with Enhanced Vapor Injection Technology using the Solstice Extreme low ambient air to water chiller into this homes unique architecture. This system-combined with the home’s low temperature radiant slab with stained concrete floors and the closed cell foam building envelope-allows this home to stay comfortable year-round with no fossil fuel backup requirement.

Green by Nature: The Solstice Extreme

   Starting with the heating source, the Solstice Extreme Chiller is a low ambient heat pump that uses EVI technology to boost heating capacity by 30%. The unit works in severe ambient conditions and is especially useful in cold climates.  It employs an ultra safe refrigerant that is environmentally sealed in its powder-coated, galvanized cabinet. Because the system uses R410a refrigerant, the compressors operate on a fraction of the refrigerant needed by other systems. Water/antifreeze is pumped directly through the machine from the home and back into a buffer tank with ambient air as the heat source. Because refrigerant boils at approximately 40 degrees below zero, modern heat pump technologies have become a viable heating option for homeowners.

Stained Concrete Radiant Floors

   The home is designed with a minimalist modern aesthetic and requires only 80 degree water to heat the home comfortably, even in extreme weather. All of the concrete flooring is stained and sealed providing a marble like finish that compliments the interior finishes.

Building Envelope

   The home has a closed cell foam building envelope. As a result, it is very tight and very quiet.

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