Project Objective: Integrate a solar thermal and an advanced cordwood system to provide for the domestic hot water and the heating for a micro-brewery while reducing the customer’s wood consumption.

System components include a ECONOBURN gasification boiler, Viessmann solar thermal panels, and insulated storage tanks with integrated solar coils that serve to store water heated by the boiler and the sun. The solar thermal system relies on tank stratification with cooler water being heated near the bottom while the wood boiler heats the top portion of the tanks. Integrated control strategies insure no heat migrates from one source to another. Low t-sensor inputs give real time feedback to the system, maximizing energy efficiency at every opportunity.

While the system is located in the brewery area, it also services the residence on the property 200 feet away by transferring the heat through underground piping. This brilliant system supplies both the customer’s residential and commercial heating and hot water needs while reducing cordwood consumption from 33 cords to 7 cords a year.

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