Emerson Resort

This Mount Trempor, NY facility was a perfect fit for solar thermal. Between the staff and guests there is a continuous demand for hot water. So when we designed the system, we knew we had to go big. 

System Components:

The system is comprised of 30 solar thermal collectors. An array of 20 provides hot water to one side of the resort, with the other 10 heating the other side. Supplementing each array are 6 TriangleTube wall-mounted boilers. The hot water produced by the system is stored in several 120 gallon tanks to be drawn from for later use. 


Solar thermal technology makes the biggest impact when it can supply a large demand for hot water. Laundromats, hotels, universities, dairy farms: many industries with which you interact on a daily basis have to heat large amounts of hot water. The Emerson Resort had previously taken steps to reduce their energy cost, by using natural gas, which is (for now) cheaper than costlier alternatives like electricity and fuel oil. But the sheer scale of water being used ensured that their bill was still significant. Thankfully, our system has been able to help offset this expense. Like many of our installations, this design is a "pre-heat." The solar thermal collectors produce much of the Resort's hot water, for free, slashing their up front utility costs. The rest of the hot water demand is satisfied through a combination of the solar thermal collectors and the natural gas boilers that supplement them. The boilers leave as much work as possible for the solar collectors to handle, but -- guided by a series of smart controls -- they also "know" to pick up the slack should the thermal loop be unable to heat the resort's water to the required temperature. Since we knew that natural gas would have to play some role, we made sure that the boilers were as efficient as possible. 


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