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The Radiant Store:

For years we have been performing HVAC and radiant work. We have built our reputation for quality and innovation through experience. Our teams have designed, installed and maintained over 3000 radiant heating & HVAC systems.

HVAC Made Personal

Our designs range from the most basic and budget-conscious to the cutting edge of innovation. Our expertise ensures that our systems function at optimum efficiency. Whether it's a large-scale project for a purpose specific to your business, or you simply want to heat your home in a better way, we can provide a creative solution.

What We Offer

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a method of heating an area using tubes carrying low-temperature hot water. They can be embedded within wood subfloors, concrete floors, or even walls. For existing homes with finished floors, the tubing can be run between basement ceiling joists along heat-conductive metal tracks. The tracks are insulated, which traps the heat and guides it upwards, warming the floor above.

Warm floors are great for many things: during the winter, when stepping out of the shower, lying on the carpet, etc. They're one of those things you don't know you want until you have them. But the floor isn't the only thing that radiant will heat. Installed correctly, a radiant system can heat your home, too. Thermal imaging demonstrates that radiant systems produce an even, comfortable heat gradient -- orange at the bottom, indicating heat, gradually changing to blue at the top -- with the warmth concentrated at ground level where you can feel it most. Images of other types of systems are often lopsided -- blue to orange -- showing most of the heat rising uselessly to the ceiling. 

We are proud to have harnessed this technology in pioneering ways. Some of our most innovative project designs include radiant loops. In 2011, the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) awarded the Radiant Store for a residential system in Saratoga, consisting of a roof-mounted solar array heating, among other things, a radiant loop embedded in the outdoor family pool. The pool now stays warm throughout the summer and even into the fall. Radiant heat has been a great solution for various local fire departments, for whom we've installed loops (again heated by solar) to prevent their garages and storage facilities from getting too cold.

Award-Winning Radiant Pool 

Before and after: an award-winning, radiant- and solar-heated pool.

Split-Zone Heating and Cooling

The Mitsubishi M- and P-Series heat pumps are among our most reliable and popular home comfort systems. Consisting of a single outdoor control unit, and one or more wall-mounted indoor units per zone) our pump systems provide individual comfort control for each room. The indoor units sport a sleek, modern design, make almost no sound, and can be adjusted independently of one another via remote, eliminating that age-old conflict over the thermostat. They use minimal energy with maximum SEER and HSPF efficiency ratings. But what makes them truly special is that, unlike traditional split-zone setups for air conditioning, Mitsubishi pumps are capable of both heating and cooling. One system is all that's needed to keep your home comfortable year-round. In the summer, the indoor unit filters and circulates cold air using environmentally friendly refrigerant; during winter, it creates powerful heat, ranging from 6,000 - 48,000 BTU depending on model. This heating/cooling changeover occurs automatically whenever you adjust the temperature, no maintenance required. 


Mitsubishi Indoor Unit


Hydronic heating is simply the act of producing heat using water. As with solar thermal, the underlying technology hasn't changed much -- the cast-iron radiator was invented over 100 years ago -- but it has grown steadily more powerful, versatile, and efficient. One trait common to all hydronic heat emitters is that once they warm up, they tend to stay that way for a long time. This is because water is a good medium for retaining heat. The longer it holds its temperature, the longer you can go without expending energy  -- that is, spending money -- to heat it back up. Contrast this with electric baseboard, which is notoriously costly and ineficient precisely because it requires constant energy to maintain its temperature. Our hydronic installations combine customized solutions, at low costs, with aesthetically pleasing designs.

Panel Radiators

Unlike basic cast-iron radiators, which take forever to heat up and are limited in their output, our panel radiators are minimilist, unobtrusive, and capable of heating larger areas relative to their size.








A panel radiator, heating a living room. 

Unmatched Quality

 Too many contractors place too little value on the quality of their work. Our brand has never been about being the absolute cheapest or fastest option. At every step of the project, we hold ourselves to a rigid standard. From the initial design, to the installation, to comissioning it for use, we ensure that our systems are built to last. Often, in the field, our installers encounter piping that was seemingly thrown together: uneven, unlevel, improperly soldered and full of ugly shortcuts. An easy metaphor can be made by contrasting this type of piping with our own. Ultimately, we believe that if you perform enough good work, customers will choose you over the competition. So far -- thank you -- that's proven to be true.

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