Green Equity: The Resale Value of a Solar Home

We live in an era marked by heightened concerns on global warming, increasing uncertainty on the future cost of oil, and continued dismay at the rising cost of electricity.In conditions such as these, and in a somewhat troubled housing market, there is very little that immediately sets a house apart like solar energy, even in its simplest forms. It can amount to not only a major, but a meaningful piece of equity in your home. Factors that affect the desirability of a solar home include:

  • Age and or condition of system
  • Region of the country
  • Current retail cost of electricity
  • Size or capacity of system

This does not mean that a prospective buyer must be someone "green" - someone interested in saving the Earth. Sometimes it is interesting enough simply to save 40% or more on heating bills. And if that reduces their carbon footprint on the environment by 2 ½ tons per year, most solar home owners simply feel just a little more comfortable, knowing that they are in fact, part of the solution.

With a solar energy system, you make your money back fairly quickly through energy savings. Even in the past two years, the technological advances in the industry have been fairly dramatic, and the annual savings simply continue to grow.

How quickly varies, of course. Most people say it takes around six to eight years, but some people claim even less than that. We don’t make those claims, but our customers do. We do recommend that you ask friends who have solar energy how much they save. When you do, take into account how recently they had the work done.

But remember: the sun’s energy will always be free. So stay tuned. And don’t be afraid to ask around.

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