Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Offering Sensible, Energy Efficient Solutions To Lower Facility Operating Costs.  
Sourcing Rebates, Grants and Loans from Utility, State and Federal Programs for Project Funding  

The Radiant Store, Inc. provides energy efficient LED lighting solutions.  This expands the capabilities and offerrings of our company, with more than 10 years in the energy savings industry.  We specialize in saving our customers thousands of dollars in water heating and HVAC energy costs.  Now we can offer additional services to reduce the operating costs of our customer's facilities, paid for in part by utility and government program incentives that are available to help fund these upgrades.

A large portion of The Radiant Store’s existing customers are in the dairy industry. The Radiant Store has built a history of integrity by keeping their customer’s best interest in mind. Our goal is to keep the same level of integrity in our lighting division.  We strive to provide accurate energy savings and incentive projections, to provide our customers with reliable, honest data to give facility managers the answers they need to decide if the project is worth pursuing.

The Radiant Store offers turn-key solutions; starting with a free facility analysis and energy report. We’ll also find out if there are viable incentives and/or financing available from the utilities or the government. When you are ready to go forward, The Radiant Store, Inc. provides a quote for the materials and labor to complete the project.  We will also complete and process all paperwork for applying for the rebate incentives which can be substantial.

Existing lighting disadvantages?

Your existing lighting system may be providing adequate light for the task they were designed for.  However, desired light levels can only be sustained with constant maintenance to make sure the lamps and ballasts are operating properly.  All light fixtures dim over time.  Some types dim at a much faster rate than others, while some simply burn out on a fairly regular basis.  Temperature is another factor that affects the brightness of the lights, their life expectancy and the time it takes for the fixtures to fully illuminate to their maximum brightness.    

Advantages of LED light fixtures and bulbs

•Energy Savings - LEDs use much less electricity to create the same amount of light as older fixtures.
•Reduced heat load on HVAC - Traditional fixtures waste much of their energy by giving off wasted heat.  LEDs burn cool so your air conditioning and ventilation systems can more easily keep your spaces cool.
•Long life - LED's last between 50,000 and 100,000+ hours before the either burn out or have dimmed to the point of replacement.  If you were using your fixtures 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, 100,000 hours of use would be 11+ years from now.
•Low Maintenance - Because the LEDs last so long, there won't be as much need for bulb and ballast changing
•No UV Light - LED fixtures emit no UV light, preserving products and preventing spoilage
•High Color Rendering/High Contrast - Higher visibility makes it easier foir staff to perform tasks, customers to see products and makes the workplace a safer environment.
•Dimmable - LEDs can be dimmed in applications where dimming is needed or beneficial.


There are several ways to approach a project.  Utilities and government agencies have multiple programs to help pay for LED lighting upgrades, and in some cases financing is available to help pay your portion of the cost of the project, on-bill, and at no interest for 12 or 24 months.  There is different criteria required to qualify for each program.  We will take the hassle out of it for you.  

To get started, we recommend signing up for a free energy audit.  We will also need a copy of a recent utility bill to determine the best solution path for your facility.


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