Carrier Heat Pumps: Greenspeed Intelligence®


Work Smarter, Not Harder

The average heat pump is "single stage", in other words, it has only two modes: on and off. This often means that in order to maintain your home's desired comfort level, the heat pump must operate until the set temeperature is reached before shutting off entirely. Cycling a heat pump on and off consumes significantly more electricity when compared to a heat pump capable of running continously at a lower capacity. Single stage operation may also result in undesireable temperature fluctuations as the temperature may rise above the set point before the heat pump is cycled off, consequently falling below the set temeperature before it is cycled on again. Enter variable speed heat pumps. Variable speed heat pumps are capable of modulating their output to levels that are optimal for your heating load. Carrier Greenspeed heat pumps combine variable speed components with an intelligent controller in order to provide maximum comfort with minimal waste.

Suitable for any Climate

Heat pumps operate using a relatively simple process known as the vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Refrigerant fluid absorbs heat from the ambient air, evaporating then being compressed into a hot vapor which condeses back into a liquid as it transfers heat to the air that is used to condition your home. By extracting useful energy from the surrounding air, heat pumps are able to achieve exceptional heating performance with very little electricity input. This cycle can also be reversed, allowing heat pumps to also provide cooling during warmer months. However, because the efficiency of a heat pump is dependent on outdoor air temperatures, the output of a heat pump has historically been poor in climates where temperatures regularly fall below freezing. Carrier Greenspeed heat pumps have the distinction of being listed on the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership's list of cold climate air source heat pumps. NEEP certification guarantees that a heat pump is capable of efficiently providing heating across the whole specrum of ambient air temperatures without requiring an excessively oversized unit. Greenspeed heat pumps utilize waste heat from the operating process to assist in the evaporation of the refrigerant allowing it to reach higher temperatures during periods of colder weather than a standard heat pump.

Infinity: Putting you in Control

The Carrier Infinity® controller enables home owners to regulate the operation of their heat pump and therefore the temperature and humidity of their home at a highly granular level. This simple wall mounted controller allows the user to set custom temperature and humidity settings for different times of day and up to 8 different areas of their home. Advanced smart setback automatically selects the optimal energy efficiency settings to minimize your energy consumption while you're away and transition to your desired comfort level by the time of your return. The Infinity® controller is occupancy sensing, ensuring that the heat pump provdes heating and cooling only when and where it's needed, further reducing your energy consumption. For those who want an optimal energy saving configuration but aren't interested in managing the system personally, the controller is capable of operating on autopilot. On autopilot the system will actively make adjustments for maximum efficiency and comfort, no input from the user required! Rather than wait for your monthly bill, the Infinity ® controller monitors and records your energy use in real time and enables you to further lower your utility bills with appropriate system adjustments. The system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and CôR® Smart home technologies, and it can be accessed from anywhere using the MyInfinity mobile app.

Hybrid Heat: Best of Both Worlds

Although Carrier Greenspeed systems are better equipped for cold environments than the run-of-the-mill competitor, there are several benefits to pairing the system with a furnace backup. As the temperature dips, it can quickly become more effective to heat your home using a gas furnace. On the other hand, as the temperature rises, heating loads may be met far more efficiently using a heat pump. A Carrier Hybrid Heat system combines a Greenspeed heat pump and gas furnace, which in tandem with the intelligent Infinity controller, will automatically select which appliance is best suited for a given heating load using real time temperature and utility price data.  This guarantees that your home will stay comfortable even on the coldest of days while reaping the benefits of the extreme efficiency of a heat pump when the weather is warmer.

Summing it Up


Up to 20 SEER
Up to 16 EER
Up to 13 HSPF
Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2019


Optimal summer dehumidification
Load matching performance with speed ranges between 40 and 100%
Cold weather performance: exceptional heating capacity at outside temperatures in the teens.
Hybrid Heat® system compatible
Sound as low as 58 decibels

For more info, check out the product's web page.

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