Adapting Your Home to Solar Energy

At this point, we make a proposal based upon our findings and our agreements from the first meeting. Here we can decide whether we are doing something as simple as heating your hot water, or heating your whole home, or even your hot tub or swimming pool. Or even designing a system to provide you with electricity.

Not only do we decide not only on the number and type of solar receptors, we also decide on the auxiliary and backup systems. We also decide, through an energy audit, how much work we would recommend on tightening up the insulation in your home to make it energy efficient. This latter exercise can have a major impact on how well your new heating system performs.

It can also have an impact on the NYSERDA incentives that repay you for some of the work you’ll be having done.

Find out how The Radiant Store can adapt your home for a solar system:

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